We package ideas
40 years of industry experience in the D-A-CH region
Our campus model
Cooperative partnership to leading logistics providers
Making the most of your products
Expertise in the field of packaging development and optimisation
Modern machinery
Numerous options for automated processing
Processing and finishing
High flexibility, reliability and on-deadline delivery
We package ideas and deliver them to retail
Modern look for retail Our high-quality packaging ensures an effective customer approach right at the POS and before the decision to purchase. Our packaging solutions are designed to attract attention. Please ask about our sustainable packaging options!
A strong partner Our „Campus“ concept involves us working on site at your logistics partners or points of sale. This reduces transport and related costs and ensures fast and efficient process execution.
Machine processing We offer a wide range of options for finishing your products through packaging, from traditional double packs and on-pack promotions to flow packs.
Maximum flexibility Our trained personnel will pick and assemble your products and is able to turn over high volumes in a professional and timely manner. The use of state-of-the-art ERP systems ensures transparent process execution at all times.
Your ideas Together we will design the perfect packaging to ensure the perfect presentation of your products at the POS. We can also take care of your packaging procurement and white sample testing.

Packservice - The partner to strong brands

The Packservice Group is a real success story. Founded in 1980 in Karlsruhe, it now has around 20 sites and over 1.000 employees in the D-A-CH region and is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality packaging solutions and logistics services.

Packservice specialises in the processing of branded products in the secondary packaging sector. With our modern packaging machines, we take care of all packaging and product finishing processes in the contract packaging business. Packservice also supplies solutions for labour-intensive handling services and concepts for logistics services. We have relationships of many years‘ standing with renowned brand manufacturers from the FMCG industry. Our customers include companies from the food and pet food sectors, cosmetics and healthcare, as well as pharmaceutical and industrial companies. Catalogue companies and fashion labels also use the services of our textile services division.

These are the industries we package for

Pet food

Packservice in numbers

> 1000
> 20

Contract packaging

Contract packaging

contract packaging

Very often, products for retail need to be removed from their original packaging and re-packed into new sales packaging. These include trays and assortment boxes, for example. We are happy to take care of these and many other activities for you.



We carry out manual and automated order picking and packing tasks on your behalf. These include banding, labelling and set assembly. Of course, we also stock PoS displays and prepare them for retail.

Order picking

order picking

We order-pick your goods packages quickly and efficiently, so that your products reach your customers fast. Barcode-supported ERP and batch tracking systems help us to ensure optimised processing. All data is gathered using scanning methods.

Product finishing

product finishing

Would you like to inspire your customers with an on-pack promotion or bundle two products in a twin-pack?

Packservice will finish your products using modern packaging machines, or take care of the task manually.

Quality checking

quality checking

Quality is important to us. Our team checks your products, for example with visual inspections, and remove any faulty goods. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can also take care of returns and fix damage that may be present.

Packaging materials management

packaging materials management

Are you planning an unusual marketing campaign and don’t yet know how to package your products in the best way? Then ask Packservice! We’d be happy to take care of the procurement, storage and inventory management of your packaging materials.

Packservice operating figures


We accompany you from the idea to the perfectly packaged product

Your idea
Packaging development
Packaging optimisation
Packaging material purchasing
Your product

Innovative ideas for professional packaging solutions




Cross-sector industrial services

Textile service

textile service

» Incoming goods inspection
» Quality check, external textile checks
» Textile preparation (ironing, steaming, labelling,  etc.)
» Sewing work (repairs, alterations)
» Order taking and processing via goods management system
» Warehouse management on demand
» Order picking, packaging, labelling

Assembly service

assembly service

» Pre-assembly and component assembly
» Performance of quality checks
» Outsourcing or insourcing
of all process handling sequences
» Packaging of pre-assembled products

Packaging service

packaging service

» Packaging and shipping
» Packaging material management (development, procurement & storage)
» Product finishing
» Packing and order picking
» Quality checks
» Handling of returns and claims
» Returns management

We ensure a brilliant presence at the PoS

Presentation at the PoS is becoming increasingly crucial for brand success. So that presentation needs to be suitably high-Profile. And this is precisely Packservice´s speciality. Packservice stores, finishes, packages, order-picks, ships, advises and is therefore your expert partner for contract packaging.

A well-networked logistics service provider

Logistical processes play a crucial role when it comes to a company’s success. Ultimately, goods need to reach the customer or be in stores on time. For more than 40 years, we have been a reliable partner for contract packaging and value-added services. We cooperate as an external packaging services provider with the logistics provider under one roof, based on the „campus concept“. Another major advantage of this is that each partner — the logistics provider and contract-packer— is able to contribute its own core skills, enabling the best possible result to be achieved for the customer. This high process quality ultimately also ensures the on-time delivery of products to the point of sale.

The advantages of logistics outsourcing for you:

  • Increased flexibility and quality in logistics
  • Reduced costs through outsourcing of shipping & logistics
  • More efficiency in terms of the use of personnel, space, software and equipment
  • No investment costs in logistics technologies
  • Development of potential synergies through combination with third-party companies (contract logistics)
  • Harness our industry expertise
  • Minimise costs thanks to efficient processes
  • Greater cost transparency
  • Shorter response times for new customer requirements
logistics services warehouse
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