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Disposable was yesterday

Millions of POS displays are produced, assembled, populated and delivered annually. At present, they still consist almost exclusively of corrugated board – 8-10 kg of corrugated board are needed for a POS display, which are disposed of after use – but this is set to change. Loopos is our innovative solution. A display as a reusable system, which should revolutionize the market and save corrugated board.

As a packaging service provider, we cannot escape the issue of environmental protection. The dialogue with the trade, our customers, suppliers and logistics partners is essential to solve this issue. However, the mere observation of trends and market developments is not enough for us. We do not wait for the customer to request a special packaging solution, but take action ourselves.

We have developed LOOPOS for the market of today and tomorrow. LOOPOS is a reusable display that can be placed in a visually appealing way in just a few steps. The reusable display offers attractive solutions in the presentation of goods with a low material input. LOOPOS has already been successfully tested by brand manufacturers in retail outlets. The innovative solution for the point of sale is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in the Benelux countries.

parts of loopos

Advantages of Loopos at a glance

POS displays are usually made of cardboard and, depending on the weight of the products they carry, some of them have to be additionally reinforced with wood or plastics. LOOPOS is a clever and stable alternative. It is a reusable display that can be placed in the store in a visually appealing manner with just a few simple steps.

POS displays are an indispensable sales promotion measure in the retail industry. However, sustainable solutions are needed that help to reduce packaging waste. You too can use LOOPOS and become part of a sustainable recycling economy. The future is reusable – what are you waiting for?

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Loopos design process

Select your carrier

Loopos carrier

Loopos can optionally be placed on the following carriers:

¼ Chep Pallet

Choose your design

Loopos on Dolly

The basic shape of the trays is standardized: W x L = 600 x 400 mm

The height of the trays is flexible:
H = 285 / 300 / 370 mm

Loopos is available with or without base. It replaces 2 trays.

Maximum number of fillable trays: 6

Customize your display

Loopos Design

The basic structure of Loopos is color standardized:

cups = white
Supports = transparent

The cups can be individually printed:

half-sided (180°)
full page (360°)

On request Loopos can also be provided with a topper.

Loopos Workflow

Loopos product carrier

Practical examples of the Loopos solution

SPAR Austria

loopos Spar

Our reusable display LOOPOS has already been successfully tested by the Austrian retail giant SPAR

(to the field report)

Pulswerk study

loopos co2 balance sheet

Study on the climate effectiveness or presentation of the differences and advantages between different display systems (reusable and disposable) using the example of LOOPOS.

(to the final report with CO2 balance 2020)

Point of sale example

Loopos Holland

Not only heavy FMCG goods can be presented on Loopos: With Loopos all products get an eye-catching place at the POS – even plants, like here in a Dutch store.

Contacts for Germany/Switzerland

Michael SpiethMichael Spieth

Sales manager Germany – Switzerland/ authorized signatory
phone.: +49 721 961660
mail: info@packservice.de



Contacts for Austria

Michael Tercek

Regional Manager Austria
Tel.:+43 505 6990
mail: info@packservice.at



Contacts for Benelux

Richard Molenschot

Managing Director Dispack
phone: +31 162 321 767
mail: richard.molenschot@dispack.com




Amber Molenschot

Account Manager Dispack
phone: +31 162 321 767
mail: amber.molenschot@dispack.com



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